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Užupis from 10 per person


from 10 per person

Place of the excursion: Vilnius Užupis district.

2 hours long walking tour.

The price shown is for a group of 10 people.

The price includes: guide services.

Transport, food, accommodation and other services – for an extra charge.

2 hours walking tour around Vilnius Užupis district – which, declared independence and became a Republic with its president, parliament, constitution and other attractions. It is a state of artists and bohemian, often compared to Montmartre in Paris or Christiania in Copenhagen. We will visit the most famous symbols of Užupis: mermaid, angel, constitution, Užupis art incubator, the smallest in Vilnius, St. Bartholomew’s Church, the old Bernardine cemetery, we will admire the panorama of Vilnius from Altana Hill.

When ordering the selected excursion, we can also offer other services for a wonderful pastime. If you choose additional services, we will contact you immediately and offer the best possible accommodation, transport or other services provided by our reliable partners, so your stay will be unforgettable!


If you have arrived in Vilnius, then allow yourself to visit the extraordinary Republic, which is separated from the city by the Vilnelė River. This is the Independent Republic of Užupis in the middle of Vilnius. Haven’t you heard of such? Are you interested? Would you like to visit, but are you afraid that your passport may not be revoked or visas will not be issued? Dont be affraid in this Republic a smile is your document.

As soon as you cross the border on the Užupis Bridge over the Vilnelė River, don’t forget to climb the “First Step” tile. This is your first step to Užupis. Just be careful, the mermaid Užupis living near the Vilnelė River attracts passers-by with its song. If you are fascinated by its temptations, you can become a resident of the Republic of Užupis.

If it is a Republic, it must have the government and the date of establishment. In 1997 April 1 and this is not the April‘s Fools day joke. Since then, Užupis has had its President, the Parliament, which the people of Užupis still call the Parliament, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, many ambassadors and, of course, the constitution.

“Everyone has the right to live near Vilnelė, and Vilnelė has to flow by everyone”; “Everyone has the right to celebrate or not to celebrate their birthday.” “Everyone has the right to understand nothing.” “Do not defeat”; “Do not surrender” And all the other articles of the constitution apply to everyone who enters this extraordinary Republic. Any passerby from any country who comes here can read it, perhaps even in their native language!

The republic here has both its own flag and currency (although you can pay for it only for beer at a local pub), the coat of arms. And how many holidays are celebrated here, that even the Vilnelė River turns in green color.

With his trumpet, the angel of the Republic of Užupis proclaims to the world the extraordinary Republic here, for which freedom and art are more important than everything.

When it comes to art, there is a lot of it here: galleries, studios, workshops, under the open sky or in an open space. Only in Užupis can you see a unicorn-zebra, or Jesus traveling with a backpack, or draw strength from the universe itself. Only here is the first Art Incubator established in the Baltic States. In its yard on the walls of buildings, all you have to do is to look for interesting details.

Only in Užupis will you know where Paradise is. And the smallest church in Vilnius and the only one in Užupis to surprise with its simplicity.

Do you have fears? No problem – a Užupis cat with special powers settled on a fence in Užupis. All you have to do is touch the cat’s ear and feal no fear.

Although Užupis lives in its creative rage, here we will find a place where peace and quiet prevail. It is one of the oldest Bernardine cemeteries in Vilnius. The most famous Vilnius photographers, scientists and public figures of the last century are buried here.

By the way, although the cemetery is supervised by the city of Vilnius, do not be surprised to enter here and see the real owners of this territory – a dog and a cat. The latter even has its own Facebook and Instagram profile accounts. If you are lucky enough to see it, because this citizen of Užupis really does not lack of affairs.

From the lowest point of the Vilnelė River, we will continue to travel uphill until we climb a high hill, from which a wonderful panorama of Vilnius will open up to us, and when you breathe, don’t forget that you can always admire Užupis, but you can’t have it all.