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Homestead of L. and S. Sadauskai

from 25 per person


Accommodation, sauna, meals, training.

Address: Kauno r. Vilkijos ap. Sen. Jurbarko pl. 351., Antalkių km.

Price from 25 € per person.

Price for groups from 30 people.

The price includes: bed and breakfast.

Other services provided: Dinner, tastings, sauna.

Prices for additional services: sauna from 100 €, dinner from 10 €, tasting from 10 €. Education from 15 €.

Additional services

When ordering the selected homestead, we can also offer other services for a wonderful pastime. If you choose additional services, we will contact you immediately and offer the best possible transport or other services provided by our reliable partners, so your stay will be unforgettable!

The manor of L. and S. Sadauskai is located not far from Kaunas (only 18 km away), which provides good access all year round. The homestead is strategically conveniently located and can offer up to 100 sleeping places, these are separate houses with amenities, plus a large open area, a professional tennis court, basketball court, volleyball courts on the sand. The manor grows various vegetables and fruits, which are served to guests.

Tastings are held in the ethnographic cellar in summer and winter. As part of a short educational program, visitors are invited to taste homemade wine, traditional Lithuanian sausages, preserves and jams prepared at the homestead.

The guests of the estate can choose the program “Cognitive hike”. This is a relaxing walk through the area, during which participants will hear incredible myths, historical facts and interesting stories. You will be able to get acquainted with the objects protected by UNESCO; then visit Vilkia, an important town for Lithuania. During the hike, you will also face challenges that will require teamwork to overcome.

At the manor, guests can also visit a chicken farm. Here you will observe different breeds of chickens, and solve the eternal question “Who is the first – the chicken or the egg?” Guests have the opportunity to collect eggs, then fry and taste.