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Ethnographic estate “Crane Song”

from 20 per person

Ethnographic estate “Crane Song” – a place for a family vacation, like from a fairy tale. Come and live for a few days in the real village itself. Clean air, peace, the whisper of the forest and the sounds of nature are here exclusively for you! You will live like a few centuries ago, and only everyday life will be subtly decorated with the comfort of today.

Do you miss the village?

Address: Pušyno g . 13, Viliūšių k., Jankų sen., Kazlų Rūdos sav.

Price for a house from 150 €.

It is the best choice for a small family celebration or a vacation with friends.

The price of the room includes: bed linen, library, shower, shower gel, electric stove, hot water, coffee maker and kettle, microwave oven, Wi-Fi, dining table, towels, refrigerator, roof terrace, kitchen, toilet. And also wild swans, rabbits, hedgehogs, apple trees, pond, stream, forest, meadows.

Additional services: rent of a jacuzzi and a Baltic sauna.

The educational programs offered are very varied: weaving, herbalist lessons and tea making in a pot. Incense production. Homemade cheese tasting. Quill pen writing. Weaving patchwork quilts. Making a fire with flint. Creation of amulets and talismans. Casting wax candles. Baking pancakes in the oven. Ancient outdoor games and magical night fairy tales around the fire. Ancient rural crafts.

Additional services

When ordering the selected homestead, we can also offer other services for a wonderful pastime. If you choose additional services, we will contact you immediately and offer the best possible transport or other services provided by our reliable partners, so your stay will be unforgettable!


In the manor you will find

Animals. A village without pets is no longer a village. Today, wise people say that petting and feeding animals is therapy, but we think that it is still infinitely fun and enjoyable. Children will be able to take care of pets, and they will reward for their care with double strength, because animals sincerely love, pamper and always wait for little friends.

Playground and games. It is very important for all adults whether their child will have something to do on vacation? I assure you, no one has ever been bored at the estate. There is a playground in a more secluded but visible place. A summer kitchenette with real utensils, a sandpit, a swing, a revolving log, a hammock, ropes and a forest hut – the kids will definitely have a lot of fun.

The manor also has volleyball, tug of war, old games, badminton; you can take part in collecting herbs, making tea in a real witch’s pot, and learning about other educational programs that we offer.

In all the houses you will find many different board games that are constantly being updated.

Mushrooms and berries. Probably, the question does not arise, what can you do in the forest in summer or autumn? Moreover, the farmstead is located in one of the largest forests in Lithuania. We will give you a wicker basket and show you the good places. And when we get back from the woods, we will measure your success by the weight of the basket and the sparkle of your eyes.