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Felix Laivio’s homestead

from 15 per person

Everything here is real and natural.

Address: Piešiškių k., Alantos sen., LT-33037 Molėtų r.

Price from 15 € per person.

Price for groups from 4 people.

The price includes: accommodation.

Other services provided: sauna rental. Sauna can be simple, educational, health-improving, ritual.

Price for additional services: from 40 €.

Additional services

When ordering the selected homestead, we can also offer other services for a wonderful pastime. If you choose additional services, we will contact you immediately and offer the best possible transport or other services provided by our reliable partners, so your stay will be unforgettable!

Felix Laivio’s homestead is a place for those people who appreciate everything natural, lively and simple.

Nature. Complete relaxation, wellness treatments, emphasis not only on natural foods and drinks, but also on achieving well-being and inner harmony. Walks in the woods, a real traditional steam room, massages, water treatments are the best way to relax. Allow yourself to rest and recuperate after prolonged stress and hectic everyday life.

Bath, sauna, massage, picturesque nature will help you to strengthen your health and rejuvenate.

The owner is seriously interested in ethnoculture, trying to use in everyday life that which helped our ancestors to survive for millennia.

The homestead is suitable for family gatherings and holidays, the emphasis is placed not only on food, but also on maintaining inner harmony, health, being in nature – on an interesting and useful pastime.

Services provided: sauna, communication with a herbalist, massage, lectures on a healthy lifestyle. Sauna: ceremonial, traditional, wellness. Health Day. Ceremonial sauna plus two massages. Procedure “Power of nature”. Special sauna and a trip to the forest. Modern and forgotten ways to promote health. Energy objects of the Earth. Massages: classic, acupressure, honey, other health and beauty treatments. Rafting on light, original devices on the Virinta river. Development of the latent physical and spiritual forces of a person. Training and practice. Children’s camps. Tree houses.