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Ukmerge – is one of the oldest towns in Lithuania. It was first mentioned in 1333 in the Livonian Chronic “Hermanos de Wartenberg’s”. There is a mound in the middle of the town where earlier there stood a castle and a village began to spread at the foot if it. Later it turned into a town. As it is mentioned in historical sources the old name of the town was Vilkmerg4 (Ladywolf). A century ago a town was renamed Ukmerge. For those who is interested to know who and when build the castle on the mound we would like to tell one of the 7th legends. In the olden days, shady forests were the home of a young priestess called Vilmerge (Ladywolf). The other day Duke Tautvilas was hunting in the vicinity and found him in a trouble. He ran out of arrows and wolves started attacking him. But suddenly, Ladywolf appeared and subdued the predators saving the life to young Duke. Tautvilas father built a castle by the river and named it Vilkmerge to a honor of the savior. Later on this name transferred to a town.

Old town of Ukmerge. It is one of the 7th most valuable in all Lithuania. It is well preserved urban monument of the end of the 19th – 20th centuries. You can find two churches, Ethnographic museum, parks and many other interesting objects. Also, Ukmerge has the first mound which is adapted to disabled people or young families with baby’s stroller. Ukmerge always re-new it’s face with small architecture objects. One of these kind objects is dog Keksas – which became face of the Ukmerge and tourists come to visit from abroad. These kind objects town of Ukmerge has more than 20! Top news in Ukmerge is route of singing pigeons. Lyrics of one song which was written 30 years ago became reality in town. Group of artisans create 15 pigeons for town. 8 of them found its place in old town of Ukmerge already. Each of them has table with name and surname of author and QR code. All you need to do – is scan the R code and hear the well-known Lithuanian song. Each pigeon has its own song. We believe that it is much for fun to get know Ukmerge with music!

Vepriai – Follow the Footprints of Miracles”. Vepriai-town near Ukmerge. Town is placed in crater. There is no surprise that here you can feel magnetic and gravitational field anomaly, people weight here less and you can find diamonds in Vepriai! Town has more than 40 sight-seeing: natural monuments, the settlements resembling the history of the town, believers are attracted here throughout the town and in the vicinity of Kalvarijos and place of evidence of Saint Virgin, castles, mounds, symbolic stones.

Manor Ring of Ukmerge. Region of Ukmerge has a lot of manors. 6 of them are renovated and opened for tourists: Užugiris manor (Summer Residence of 1st Lithuanian President Antanas Smetona), Siesikai castle, Vaitkuškis, Taujėnai, Lyduokiai and Šventupės manors. 1st Lithuanian President Antanas Smetona still celebrates his birthday in his summer residence and the birthday celebration is called “Smetoninės”. All manors on the map shows the ring, therefore it was connected in the route which is named “Manor Ring of Ukmerge”. Every manor has it own history and legend which is very interesting to hear.