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The Royal Road from 12 per person

The Royal Road

from 12 per person

The Royal Road

During the 1-day tour we will visit the Strėva collapse and climb Kartuvių Hill in Aukštadvaris town. We will also visit the mystical site of the meteotrite fall with an even more mystical name – the Devil’s Pit. We will test our strength by climbing a mound called Napoleon’s hat. In Stakliškės we will taste mead made according to ancient recipes, and in Nemajūnai we will taste Dzūkija national dish – bandos. We will end the tour in a Lithuanian resort, surrounded by the bends of the Nemunas – in Birštonas.

Place or route of the excursion: Vilnius – Aukštadvaris – Stakliškės – Birštonas.

One day excursion.

Excursion cost: from 25 € per person.

Price for a group of 10 to 20 people.

The price includes: guide services.

Transport, food, accommodation and other services – for an extra charge.

Individual trips on request. Dates, duration, price and program are discussed depending on individual needs.

When ordering the selected excursion, we can also offer other services for a wonderful pastime. If you choose additional services, we will contact you immediately and offer the best possible accommodation, transport or other services provided by our reliable partners, so your stay will be unforgettable!


The Royal Road

We will travel towards the Lithuanian resort of Birštonas on the hilly and winding Royal Road, which connects the castles of the Grand Dukes. Once upon a time this road connected the castles of the dukes, and now it surprises with its unusual relief in Lithuania – hills and valleys. Traveling we will visit one of the sights of this region, the Strėva collapse, also known as the pit of meaning. It is a mysterious place, surrounded by dense pine forests and spruce trees, about which a number of legends and stories are forced. One of them tells the story of the devil’s inn here. We may not lose ourselves, but we will look at the remnants of this inn with the edge of our eyes and learn for what and how it was sprouted.

On the outskirts of Aukštadvaris, we will climb Kartuvių Hill, overgrown with pine trees and christened by a terrible name. Admiring the views of Lake Nava, we will reveal thestory reminiscent of pagan times and try to find out who gave it such a the name.

The horrors of this land are not over. Even more horrible name is connected with the visit to the Devil’s Pit. It is the celebrity of this mysterious land. Many stories and legends about it are told by people, and scientists seem to agree that it is not a prank of the devils, but a joke of heaven, a trace of the celestial body – a meteorite left to us thousands of years ago.

Traveling further and admiring the valleys, we will climb the hill where the famous French emperr Napoleon once climbed, traveling to Moscow. Only the hats we will keep here so that the wind never blows them off our heads, as happened to the famous Napoleon.

“I drank beer, mead, dripped over my beard, I didn’t have anything in my mouth …” And how else is beer entangled here? We will learn everything about the history of the plant and mead here, we will see how it is produced, where it is matured and of course we will taste it. After all, mead produced in Stakliškės is a protected product in Europe.

You will not be full of drinks alone – we will invite you to taste the bandos made from potatoes fried on the cabbage leaves in the bakery of Dzūkė’s host, whose baking process is not only observed, but also participated and tasted by travelers from all over Lithuania.

We will visit a Lithuanian resort on the bank of the Nemunas – Birštonas. This area has long been famous for its healing properties. Let’s explain what a resort far from the sea has in common and the largest animal in the world – a whale. Here we will climb Vytautas Hill to admire the beautiful bend of the Nemunas, visit the first museum of sacred art established in Lithuania, which exhibits valuable examples of sacred art: paintings, sculpture, textiles, liturgical vessels, folk art. Walking around the resort, we will admire the architecture of the resort villas – Kurhaus, take in the health of Kneipp Garden and Birutė Villa and try to breathe the sea air in the only mineral water evaporation building.