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At Panemunių dzūkai from 25 per person

At Panemunių dzūkai

from 25 per person

Place or route of the excursion: Vilnius – Birštonas – Alytus – Merkinė.

One day excursion.

The price shown is for a group of 10 people.

The price includes: guide services.

Transport, food, accommodation and other services – for an extra charge.

A  one day tour to the legendary Dainava region, during which we will visit the lands of Panemunė Dzūkai. We will take part in the cooking education and tasting of Dzūkija bandos potatoe dish. We will visit the tallest Birštonas observation tower in Lithuania and the Birštonas resort located on the bank of the Nemunas. In Alytus we will visit the magnificent Alytus mound and the highest pedestrian and bicycle bridge in Lithuania. In the past, in the famous Merkinė, we will climb the Merkinė mound, and in the famous Merkinė pyramid, we will find peace of mind.

When ordering the selected excursion, we can also offer other services for a wonderful pastime. If you choose additional services, we will contact you immediately and offer the best possible accommodation, transport or other services provided by our reliable partners, so your stay will be unforgettable!

At Panemunių dzūkai

Dzūkija region is famous for its rich nature and old customs, which the people living here have kept. The Nemunas is not only the largest and most watery river in Lithuania, but also mostly sang in songs, covered with legends and described by chroniclers since ancient times. The Dzūkaiians of Panemuniai, who have settled along the banks of the river, will invite you to be their guests and share their customs, traditions and dishes.

In a small town, members of the Nemajūnai community will invite you to their home, where baking educations of Dzūkija herds take place. Dzūkija herds are the pride of this region. Among the locals, the Dzūkija bandos is a very popular dish made from potatoes. Baking them requires special preparation and knowledge, and most important – a real bakery oven fired with wood. Also patience – Dzūkai bandos bake a long time. True, you still need cabbage leaves and loving hands of the hostess. You will experience all this and more in this education of Dzūkija bandos.

We will travel to an extraordinary place, where the Nemunas, looking for the shortest way to the Baltic Sea, did a lot of sculptor work. The Great Loops of the Nemunas is a unique geological-hydrographic phenomenon not only in Lithuania but also in Europe. To see all this, we will have to climb to the tallest observation tower in Lithuania, reminiscent of the observation tower of an ancient Lithuanian castle. The height of the observation tower is as high as 51 meters, and yet it is built on a high hill. From it we will take a look at the areas of extraordinary beauty and see the meanders of the Nemunas River.

We will visit a Lithuanian resort on the bank of the Nemunas – Birštonas. This area has long been famous for its healing properties. Here we will climb Vytautas Hill, admire the architecture of the resort villas – Kurhaus, visit the most hospitable museum of sacred art in Lithuania, which is famous for the most beautiful works of ecclesiastical art.

One city, but yes, when there are two different banks of the Nemunas, so two different stories – this is how Alytus is the capital of Dzūkija. Here we will climb to the impressive size of Alytus mound, which remembers the times of the castle that defended the country and hides a sad love story. We will also visit the Nemunas and the Alytus business card called the White Rose Bridge. It is the highest pedestrian and bicycle bridge in Lithuania, which is even in the Lithuanian record book! Here we will find out why Alytus is still called the city of roses and why, according to Alytus residents, magical frogs live here.

From Alytus we will travel to one of the most famous cities in ancient times Merkinė, which received the rights of Magdeburg from King Jogaila at the same time as our capital. The mound here is mentioned several times in the Crusader chronicles, and legends about the castle standing on its top are still spreading to this day. From this mound we will have a wonderful panorama, with the confluence of two important rivers of Dzūkija – the Nemunas and the Merkys.

We will end the tour in the pyramid of Merkinė. For some, it’s a spiritual center, and for others, it’s just a beautiful and exclusive place worth visiting. According to those who have been here, after spending half an hour in a pyramid placed in a glass dome, positive physical and spiritual changes are felt.