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The territory of the Vilkaviskis district (1259 km2) is located in the southwestern part of Lithuania. Here live about 45 thousand inhabitants.
Vilkaviskis region is a real land of contrasts. The greater part of the region is the land of agriculture, in which the plains predominate, and a third is perfect for recreation and tourism. In our district there are 62 lakes, 14 settlements, and on the border of the district there is the Dunaj mountain with a height of 285 m at sea level, which is one of the highest places in Lithuania. The peculiarity of our region is also that we live near two state borders – with Russia and with Poland.

In total there are 12 Catholic churches and prayer houses of other faiths in the region. Together with the Catholics, Orthodox, Lutheran Evangelicals, Methodists live. During the interwar period, there were about a thousand Tatars living in Lithuania, and the mosque was in Vinksiupiai. In 1944 this mosque burned down. There is still a Tartar cemetery here. Previously lived a large Jewish community. In 1623 the Jews built a synagogue, and Vilkaviskes was considered the most Jewish city in this part of Lithuania. In 1914, Jews accounted for 65% of all residents of the city.

The most suitable edge for recreation is the region bordering Poland. For a long time this territory was closed, and for several decades the human foot had not entered here. At the moment, roads to Poland are opened from the township of Graziskes: Doniskiai-Vilkupiai and Vigreliai-Suduva, from the township of Vistitis Vartelai-Burniskiai-Vigainiai.

Attractive for tourists is the Vistytis lake. Sometimes it is compared with Baikal, because of the size and especially the pure water. Near the lake is the regional park Vistytis. Here you can see 300-year-old oaks, 200-year-old pine and spruce forests. 33 species of plants and 14 species of birds are listed in the Red Data Book of Lithuania. In the park it is convenient to be peremated both on a bicycle and on foot. For pedestrians are offered two familiarity trails Shilelis (small and large). We recommend you to visit the Vistytis church and the windmill. On the outskirts of the park you can find the third largest in Lithuania, the Great Vistytis Stone. Unique natural resources are protected in the Virbalgir Reserve.

Fans of kayaks loved the river Sesupe. During swimming, the landscape is constantly changing, there is no monotony. For disembarkation special pontoons are intended, there are information stands.

The Paezeriai Manor is a unique object of the cultural heritage of the Suduvos Region, which has historical, architectural, urban and landscape significance.

We also recommend visiting the Vilkaviskis (Napoleon) estate, which glorified the historical fact that in 1812 the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte stayed here just before the war with Russia. Historical sources claim that two French generals are buried on the estate territory, and hundreds of French soldiers are in the vicinity.