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Educational estate “Fairy of the Wind”

from 15 per person

Educational estate “Fairy of the Wind”

Educational estate “Fairy of the Wind” – a space for creative knowledge, learning and recreation. This is a place where positive thoughts and age-old wisdom about a healthy lifestyle are in the air. These reflections will inspire you!

Address: Pratkūnai 4, Kruonio sen., Kaišiadorių r.

Educational programs from 15 euros per person, summer camp from 180 euros per person.

The cost for groups (from 40 people) half a day in a homestead with a training program – from 400 € per group. The cost of the training program includes: creative activities, games, tea; the cost of the camp includes – food, accommodation, program.

Additional services: individual creative events, events, seminars, camps, lectures on a healthy lifestyle, trainings, accommodation services, culinary lessons, bachelorette parties, sauna rental, catering.

Additional services: accommodation from 20 €, meals (3 times a day) – from 16 €, training – 15-40 € (depending on equipment and difficulty level).

Additional services

When ordering the selected homestead, we can also offer other services for a wonderful pastime. If you choose additional services, we will contact you immediately and offer the best possible transport or other services provided by our reliable partners, so your stay will be unforgettable!

The ethnographic estate “Fairy of the Wind” is over 150 years old. The manor house is surrounded by amazing nature and is a living example of ancient Lithuanian architecture – built of clay and straw. Various trainings, education and creative events are held in the “House of Clay Art”. Ethnographic cuisine has been recreated here, where special attention is paid to the culinary heritage of Lithuania. Wooden buildings around the main hut – sheds, barns, a bakery, a bathhouse – give the impression of a cozy ethnic village. The area of ​​two hectares is decorated with an old garden, a pond, ritual stones, wooden gazebos and sculptures – all this was created by Algirdas Vaishtaras. The manor house, surrounded by an ethnographic aura, hosts art festivals, ethnographic and creative children’s camps, healthy lifestyle workshops, and educational Christmas events in winter. The owners take great care of the Lithuanian culture, ancient life, the study of Baltic crafts and, in general, the wisdom of their ancestors. Here we can learn to talk to trees, stones, flowers, listen to silence, trust nature and love all living things. What is difficult for us to express in words, we learn to express through a creative impulse.

The estate is decorated with a unique play and sports space, where children can get acquainted with mythological creatures, play in a wooden house, swing on a swing, climb and fly with Tarzan. In the yard you will also meet our pets – chickens, rabbits, lambs. In a remote corner of the estate you will find a fireplace, a gazebo and a font.

The estate was born out of love for the culture of our ancestors, the desire to nurture it and pass it on to future generations. We hope that during your stay at the estate you will feel the spirit of the past and will want to return to it again and again. We will be waiting for you with delicious tea.

Our home is nature…

Farmstead “Fairy Wind” is located on the bank of the clean lake Norkunai. Near a century-old grove, there is also a wild swamp where cranes, herons and owls nest. The mating dances of swans are an amazing sight, the sounds of which sweep over the estate all summer long. Hares, foxes and deer visit the estate, and sometimes even moose come to say hello. The meadows are rich in medicinal plants, and the forest is full of berries and mushrooms.